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How to break Internet Addiction?

No one really thought that one day we will land into this problem of Internet Addiction.
Googling everything. Blogging everything. Facebook. Tweet. Retweet everything. Download. Download and still downloading. Skype whole day. Online gaming.
Do you find yourself in a similar situation? Do feel that the Internet has taken over your life? Take a break.
While researching on this topic, I got to learn this is called Internet Addiction Disorder
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Internet addiction disorder(IAD) is now more commonly calledproblematic internet use(PIU)orcompulsive internet use(CIU).Other overlapping terms includeinternet overuse,problematic computer useorpathological computer use– and eveniDisorder.These terms avoid the wordaddictionand are not limited to any single cause, but only reflect a general statement about excessive computer use that interferes with daily life.” The first steps towards breaking this addiction is understanding the causes. The most common causes are: Lone…