Do we ask the cells within our body to reproduce or work ?

NO, we don’t. All cells reproduce to keep all the systems inside our body working. But we don’t ask them what they should do. Nor we ask them to reproduce. This process is more formally called cell division.

Then why these little workers work so hard for us?

Red Blood Cells carry Oxygen to all parts of our body.

Everything in our body is made up of just cells. The cells are like the bricks of our house. What will happen if each brick starts to break? Let’s now compare this to our body. Each cell gets regenerated. Old cells are replaced by new one "automagically".
The cells get to work whenever there is a wound. But again who told them to do this?

Either cells are intelligent and can think (like tiny humans) OR there is a natural force built within all living things which causes cells to work.

In biology classes, we are taught the function of different cells in our body. Why the cells do these functions no science explain this.  

According to me, medical science and biology are not interested in these questions.

I leave you with these head scratching questions. If you have something to say on this topic please share by commenting below.

PS: Am still researching on this topic and I am also planning to write a post on cells vs humans vs universe.


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