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Learning to free ourselves from emotional baggage

We came on this earth as a little baby without any clothes and a mind free from stress, pain, hurt and suffering. Gradually, as we grow up things tend to affect us and there are things which we cannot forget.

Such things we carry like a burden on our shoulders. We don’t even realize the heaviness of this emotional baggage. We just keep on carrying the baggage uselessly. This extra baggage consists of things such as unresolved conflicts, hate, jealousy, hurts, anger, bitterness, grudges, fear, etc.

We just like to carry this burden for no good reason.

What we don’t realize is that we are only wasting our time and energy by not letting go of these emotional baggage. Time does not wait for anyone. So instead of wasting our valuable time on useless things which lead to nowhere, why not enjoy each moment of our life by smiling and being happy.
No one is asking to carry this heavy burden. It’s only us who can control our reactions towards things, situations and people.
Life is like a movie.…