Going with the flow of Life

Imagine a river flowing freely, passing through all rocks.
Imagine a river which knows how to find its own path and destination.
Nobody tells the river where to go. It is natural for the river to flow.
Now, compare this river with our life.

We could learn some lessons from this river analogy and hence improve our life.

1. Life goes in one direction: so we must never look back at our past.

2. We must be dynamic and that’s more natural: Being dynamic means there is energy flow. It also means we are flexible and can easily adapt to changes.

3. We have a destination & we can find our path: In life, we all have some dreams which we want to accomplish.

4. In life we will encounter some obstructions: These obstructions are just like the rocks. We will be able to overcome them easily if we do some effort. Trying to fight the resistances will prevent us from reaching our goal.

5. There are many turns in life: Just as the river goes through many turns, we need to realize that a turn in life is not the end but the beginning of a new path.

6. Let our life be fresh: Fresh and unpolluted water looks great. For our life to be fresh, don’t pollute it with bad things. Be good and do good karma.

Going with the flow of life will give us strength, happiness, success & peace of mind.
Resistance and trying to fight with situations are what hold us from progressing in life.

Instead of fighting with the big rocks to allow the river pass through it, the river simply moves on by passing above it. In a similar way, we should learn to overcome our barriers.

Life is a beautiful river with sweet water.
We just need to realize and be aware of this rule.
Just go with the flow.


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