Apologize today – How to ask for forgiveness

An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” -- Lynn Johnston

If forgiving others is a great act, asking forgiveness with someone is equally a great act.

We have been learning how to forgive & let go but now it’s also important how to ask for forgiveness if we have said some harsh & bitter things to others.

These things happen in our daily life: in the office, at home, between lovers, between friends.

Avoiding such things in the first place is much better than regretting later.
Asking for forgiveness is not an embarrassing act. We also don’t lose our status by asking for forgiveness.
Bending to ask for forgiveness won’t make us a fool but will make us great. 

The first step is accepting that you were not right by scolding someone who did not deserve it. You may have scolded that person in anger or work pressure.

Approach the person, tell the person that you have done something wrong by scolding or saying bitter words. Show the person that you felt bad. Say "sorry".

In life, harsh and bitter words said to someone are like the arrows that have been released and cannot be stopped. Such words hurt people & make them cry. But it is never too late to apologize. Saying sorry with a smile and with a regret is simply a great act.

Just realize that you cannot make yourself happy by making others cry.


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