Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Apologize today – How to ask for forgiveness

An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” -- Lynn Johnston

If forgiving others is a great act, asking forgiveness with someone is equally a great act.

We have been learning how to forgive & let go but now it’s also important how to ask for forgiveness if we have said some harsh & bitter things to others.

These things happen in our daily life: in the office, at home, between lovers, between friends.

Avoiding such things in the first place is much better than regretting later.
Asking for forgiveness is not an embarrassing act. We also don’t lose our status by asking for forgiveness.
Bending to ask for forgiveness won’t make us a fool but will make us great. 

The first step is accepting that you were not right by scolding someone who did not deserve it. You may have scolded that person in anger or work pressure.

Approach the person, tell the person that you have done something wrong by scolding or saying bitter words. Show the person that you felt bad. Say "sorry".

In life, harsh and bitter words said to someone are like the arrows that have been released and cannot be stopped. Such words hurt people & make them cry. But it is never too late to apologize. Saying sorry with a smile and with a regret is simply a great act.

Just realize that you cannot make yourself happy by making others cry.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We are guests of this world

We came in this world for a limited time.
Our life is a train on the track of time.
We won't even get the time to realize when the time comes for our departure.
Enjoy every moment NOW because the "train" goes very fast.

We come in this world to fulfill certain duties, we have some task to do and some "debts" to pay back.
We get parents, we become someone's son or daughter, we marry, and we also get the opportunity to become parent ourselves.
Very often we become so attached to things in this world that if we don't achieve those things we suffer or cry.
We forget or don't realize that we came empty handed and that we will go empty handed.
REMEMBER that we are only guests in this world.

As guests we are supposed to enjoy every moment, accept everything we get from this world.
Every guests in this world receives both happiness and sadness: that's the rule.
Also as guests of this world, we must have no time to waste in worrying, crying, and hurting ourselves (both physically and emotionally)...

We must realize that every moment is very precious.
Just keep on living the life we got as guest in this world.

Happy living.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 chinese herbs that boost our immune system

Being a big fan of Chinese Medicine (TCM) & alternative medicine, today’s post will be based on this topic.

When people think of Chinese Medicine (TCM) they probably think “needles”. I am not going to show you how to use any needles by the way :)

In TCM, Both acupuncture & herbs can be used to increase our body's natural resistance against diseases.

Our immune system is responsible for protecting us from virus & other harmful microorganisms.
A strong immune system means we are able to fight against the microorganism and win, while a weak immune system means we are defeated.

I will talk about 3 of such herbs that boost our immune system according to Chinese Medicine:
1. Huang Qi
2. Ginseng, Chinese Ren Shen
3. Astragalus

Here is a link, if you want to read more on Immunity & Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Monday, February 17, 2014

The art of getting started

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"  -- Lao Tzu

Nothing is accomplished until we get our feet wet.